100 acre solar farm

March 30, 2016

During Spring 2016, Pryjen construction worked to complete a 25Mw solar farm powering over 7,000 homes and saving 10,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.

It was our responsibility to allow access to the site of the solar farm via a 100m stone access track.  The road had a  concrete bell mouth to the road network beyond.

We were responsible for the construction of a 132kva combined brick -built substation to the exact specifications given in the brief.  This structure included footings and steps.  To secure the area we created a compound area with 2.4m high ultra steel security palisade fencing.

In addition we poured concrete for the solar farm’s:

  • Meter circuit breaker foundation
  • High level disconnector foundation
  • Low level disconnector foundation
  • VT Support Foundation
  • Sealing End Structure Foundation
  • Lighting Columns Foundations

Most importantly we constructed the transformer plinth which held the transformer for the whole solar farm. Completed on time and to budget we continue to produce precise workmanship to the delight of our customers.

Anyone wanting to speak to our customers about our work should contact us directly and we will happily put you in touch with a client for a similar project to yours.

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