Installing a wind turbine

May 4, 2016

The decision to place a 50m high wind turbine on your property is not one that landowners take lightly. The installation is a significant long-term investment which will change the outlook of the landscape for a lifetime. Wind direction and strength must be right, permissions must be in place and all local opposition considered before the life-changing structure can be lifted into position.

We work daily with people who have made such a decision.  They have balanced the benefits of generating clean, renewable energy from a finite resource with the opposition from those who don’t like how the structures can stand-out against the windswept green fields of England. We help to make sure the damage to the area surrounding the development is kept to a minimum whist supporting them to get the maximum from their investment.

Road access track to site of wind turbine

During the installation of a wind turbine, we are almost always asked to build an access track.  The majority of building works take place in rural areas, off the beaten track.  As a considerate construction company we pride ourselves making access to the site neat and sympathetic to the surroundings.  We create easy access to site with the minimum of fuss and mess for as long as it is needed.

Crane Pad for Lifting Turbine into Place

With most wind turbines weighing in at 4,000 kg and over 50m in height, they are all craned into place.  A solid crane pad is needed on every wind turbine site to prevent the machinery sinking into the soft earth with the opposing forces as the turbine is lifted into place.  Pryjen Construction is responsible for building over 40 crane pads for large scale renewable energy installations in the last four years.

Pouring Concrete base for Wind Turbine

Each wind turbine needs a solid concrete base, in softer ground a sub-base may even be required.  It is not unusual for 170m2 concrete to be poured to form the base of a 50m high, 500kw wind turbine.  Pouring such large volumes of concrete requires a specialist team.  It’s something you really want to get right first time. Pryjen Construction is an ideal subcontractor for anyone wanting to pour large volumes of concrete. Our experience, contacts and knowledge mean we always get it right first time.

Renewable Energy Sub-station for Wind Turbine

Each and every large scale renewable energy system set up in the UK requires a link to the National Grid. Most of the energy generated will be measured and distributed via a sub-station on site. The Government will pay out subsidies based on the measurements made at these sub-stations. Built by Pryjen Construction these small buildings need to be secure against weather and vandalism. Most are made from Glass Reinforced Plastic, (GRP) but we do also build small brick-built buildings when required.

So if you are looking for a confident construction company to work with you on the installation of a wind turbine anywhere in the UK drop us a line on and you know your investment is in safe hands.

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